"Education Consultants Worldwide"



"Cultural Sensitivity in a Global Perspective"

Plommer Watson Associates (PWA) believes that education is the key to tacking the myriad problems facing humankind.  PWA offers specialised services to schools worldwide. We pride ourselves on understanding and working within the cultural context of each school community. We also provide parallel services to individuals and groups; to students, parents, teachers, heads, boards, governments and private business seeking to build partnerships with schools.

PWA is helping to shape the educational landscape of the 21st century by contextualising according to local need, blending the best of national educational traditions with the values, practices and beliefs of the International Baccalaureate.


PWA is “bringing the world into education” – demonstrating cultural sensitivity with a global perspective – and building partnerships with governments, schools and business.

We can help ...

...you to start your new school

...new schools to develop and grow

...established schools to blossom

...initiate and develop IB and other             programmes

In order to help schools create strategies for success in a competative market we offer a broad range of consultancy services, including infrastructure and architectural design-- turning “curriculum into space”, along with operational matters such as the management of schools, recruitment and PD provision and marketing.